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WOW it is now three months since the day I finally decided to stop smoking and a lot has change for me the those months.

After two months of being out of work the company I was made redundant from phoned me up with a job offer for 3 months with a rolling month after that until the work load is completed what a result but at the same time I got married to my lovely wife who in turn was offered a job up north.

So know in a space of three weeks we both have gone from not working to being married, working (ok across two ends of the country but we have money coming in) and relocating up north.

I’m still not SMOKING nor doing any form of artwork or doodles but we do have room to have a small studio.

A number of people keep saying to me “I wish I could just stop like that” or “How did you manage to stop” so I’m going to tell what I did. This of course is not for everyone you need to find what works for you but one thing still remains the same. THE WANT TO STOP.

This is a common theme with everyone I have spoken to and they all don’t want to stop, they say that they do but in reality they still want to smoke.

I’ve read Alan Carrs book and everyone should read it at some point but in there he states that you have to decide to quit and at that point will you be able to quit.

I had managed to cut right down to a couple a days and when I was visiting my mum; I just turned to her and said “that is it” and handed a brand new packet of tobacco. It just clicked in my head, no shinning light from the sky or little men jumping around, I just wanted to stop.

Once we have moved I will start to draw again.



What a Novmeber I’ve had.

I had to pay out for the car to be fix right after the holiday and now going through consultation period for being made redundant, which I know was going to happen but the reason they have come out with is a load of bolloxs. I just can believe it.

The worst thing is I started smoking again, no reason but my own stupid self to blam. Before some people (that I have comments from and not published) I’m not moaning or complaning. I’m not sat in the corner crying my eyes out and feeling self pitty and I don’t want it from anyone else.

I know I’m good at my job and thats all I need.

I’m going back to stopping smoking again and updating my blog, once the new flat is sorted I’ll have a drawing desk and computer area.

Bye 🙂

I’m in the process of looking for a new job. It looks like we will be informed next Monday who is up for the chop.

What a start to the month, moved house and now it’s a new job. What else can happen?

At least I’m holding my own on the not smoking front, it has crossed my mind to tok on the little white stick but I have not.

More moving stuff tonight 🙂

I’m following this blog and the preson does not have a press this button (I could download the app but I’m crap), so I’m posting this for everyone.

The art work that this person blogs about are amazing and this artist you should check out.

Have a look

Bye 🙂

1st November 2011

I’m now a month on with the whole process of giving up smoking, that’s 31 days, 744 hours, 44,640 minutes, I think you know what I’m saying.

I think the most important part of this is I’m not smoking at work I’ve forgotten the last time I had a cig during working hours and even the normal routine when I would go out to smoke.

The posting and drawing when I do have really helped with stopping, I did not imaged this whole experience that would stop.

To everyone who has commented so far a big THANK YOU very much.

Bye 🙂


Happy halloween everyone

Thursday (27th oct 2011) all day I had pains in the left side of well my lung. Woke up Friday (28th Oct 2011) morning and could not move as the pain was that intense, I was told that I should go to the hospital and get it check out but I was like ‘Na I’m all right just give me a minute and I’ll got to work’. The thing was I could not move and I know it but as everyone says typical bloke.

 So by 6.30am I was in the hospital and was being seen by a student doctor, who went through some questions and checked my lungs. They also gave an ECG by which point I had to wait for another doctor to look through the information and then come and see me.

 So this other doctor went through all the same stuff the student had previously asked me and then said that he was going to send me home with a prescription of codeine and to take paracetamol with ibuprofen. I was like ok then I’ll do what you say like a good person but then he come back and said that the head doctor of A & E said that I should go for an x-ray. Right I spent a total of 6 hours in A & E and after the x-ray I was told wait for to go home with a prescription of codeine and to take paracetamol with ibuprofen, oh yeah back to this one.

 All they could surmise was it is something to do with the wall of the lung and if the pain moves to the centre of my chest and I start sweating then it’s my heart and I should go straight back.

 What we think is wrong from searching the net that it’s could be related to a form of spasmophilia ( and that my phosphate levels are high, so taking calcium and magnesium should re-balance my system. I’m not taking the codeine as that has phosphates in the formulation which could lead to worse effects. I’m also eating Bananas.

 So much for giving up smoking, I should go back to my old ways and start again. I would better off.