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WOW it is now three months since the day I finally decided to stop smoking and a lot has change for me the those months.

After two months of being out of work the company I was made redundant from phoned me up with a job offer for 3 months with a rolling month after that until the work load is completed what a result but at the same time I got married to my lovely wife who in turn was offered a job up north.

So know in a space of three weeks we both have gone from not working to being married, working (ok across two ends of the country but we have money coming in) and relocating up north.

I’m still not SMOKING nor doing any form of artwork or doodles but we do have room to have a small studio.

A number of people keep saying to me “I wish I could just stop like that” or “How did you manage to stop” so I’m going to tell what I did. This of course is not for everyone you need to find what works for you but one thing still remains the same. THE WANT TO STOP.

This is a common theme with everyone I have spoken to and they all don’t want to stop, they say that they do but in reality they still want to smoke.

I’ve read Alan Carrs book and everyone should read it at some point but in there he states that you have to decide to quit and at that point will you be able to quit.

I had managed to cut right down to a couple a days and when I was visiting my mum; I just turned to her and said “that is it” and handed a brand new packet of tobacco. It just clicked in my head, no shinning light from the sky or little men jumping around, I just wanted to stop.

Once we have moved I will start to draw again.