being made redundant and smoking again

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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What a Novmeber I’ve had.

I had to pay out for the car to be fix right after the holiday and now going through consultation period for being made redundant, which I know was going to happen but the reason they have come out with is a load of bolloxs. I just can believe it.

The worst thing is I started smoking again, no reason but my own stupid self to blam. Before some people (that I have comments from and not published) I’m not moaning or complaning. I’m not sat in the corner crying my eyes out and feeling self pitty and I don’t want it from anyone else.

I know I’m good at my job and thats all I need.

I’m going back to stopping smoking again and updating my blog, once the new flat is sorted I’ll have a drawing desk and computer area.

Bye 🙂

  1. Hay there! Seems this has been a tough year for us all. I had to go back into corporate and put my dream of owning my own business on hold because of family commitments. Good luck getting your life on track. I feel for you and wish you only the best. Lets hope 2012 will be a little kinder to us 🙂

    Chat when you are back on line.



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